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About iShared Transportation

iShared.com (formerly Smith Transportation Services) is based in Tampa, Florida. We have been serving the supply chain needs of our customers since 1980. iShared.com started as a freight brokerage, specializing in produce and other commodities, then proceeded to grow over the years via customer demand for new services. Over the past ten years we have become an Asset-Light company, with sales reaching $100,000,000 and terminals in Tampa, Miami, and Los Angeles.
Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions are our core competency. iShared can support you in any leg of your supply chain.

Shared TruckLoad – STL

This unique, signature iShared service combines a few large LTL orders (between 3-14 pallet positions), eliminates cross-dock handling, delivers in-route, and utilizes Pallet Pricing, not NMFC Rating Classifications. The benefits of STL include reduced claims and OS&D, competitive or faster transit times versus traditional LTL providers and savings that come from the ability to configure your pallets up to 96′ high, without the application of Dimensional Re-Weigh Fees that have become so prevalent in the LTL industry. Get your cartons to retail on time and intact, and reap the benefits of more sellable items on the shelf, resulting in more sales dollars for your company.
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STL Operations:

Less than TruckLoad – LTL

iShared utilizes an LTL shipment optimizer that we developed, to offer customers extensive access to dozens of carriers across the country, via one rate portal. Choose the best rate, fastest transit, or a combination of those to meet your specific needs. One-stop at iShared makes all of your LTL a breeze.
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LTL Operations:

Full TruckLoad

Dry van, Climate controlled, Flatbed, Heavy Haul, we do it all, in the US/ Canda and Mexico.
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Truckload Operations:

Rail / Intermodal

Our network of rail contacts and contracts can be a terrific conduit for your existing Rail / Inter-Modal needs. Or, look at this service to save money versus Over-The-Road truck service, when your product has planned fulfillment that does not require the fastest transit times.
iShared Rail / Intermodel services…

IM Operations:

Expedite Services

When you need the shipment there faster than normal, as our options for speed vary with your need.
iShared expedite services…

Expedite Services:
Michael Sneed

First And Final Mile

We’ve been at the forefront of the retail E-Commerce and Final Mile store delivery movement, helping our customers with origin sorts, line-haul service, and final mile delivery. Use one of these options or all of them, to provide your retail stores with accurate counts, fast, consistent service, and the know-how to satisfy your customers and increase your sales.
iShared first and final mile services…

First & Final Mile Services:
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