iShared Transportation announces NO LTL Overlength Shipment Fee Guarantee

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iShared Transportation announces NO LTL Overlength Shipment Fee Guarantee

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to both LTL providers' General Rate Increases, and very high fees for overlength shipments, iShared Transportation […]


iShared Transportation, Not the whole truck — excessive length LTL charges

Not the whole truck — Check Call featuring Bill Morrisroe
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Bill Morrisroe of iShared Transportation to talk about all things shared truckload and how to mitigate the excessive length LTL charges. Driver applicant numbers are obliterating […]


iShared Transportation Fills the space between LTL and FTL

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Bill Morrisroe, Chief Sales Officer at iShared Transportation, explains on Freightwaves Live, how tech-enabled Shared Truckload service is helping LTL shippers add […]


Smith Transportation Now iShared Transportation

Smith Transportation has rebranded to iShared Transportation

Smith Transportation Services Announces Corporate Name Change to iShared Transportation NEW YORK and TAMPA, Fla., Sept. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Smith Transportation […]


COVID-19 Update from iShared Transportation

Covid 19 update continues to operate at 100% capacity and to provide multiple supply chain solutions to our valued customers. Our staff is healthy and […]


STL? NEW Intelligent Space between LTL and FTL

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If you ship both LTL and FTL, you also likely ship high pallet count shipments, in between those two modes. These are […]


Try our Shared Truckload service and never receive LTL Dimensional Weight invoice re-bills!

Want to reduce damage, OS&D and Claims? Ship using our Shared Truckload service, to virtually eliminate in-transit handling!

Have seasonal fluctuations in volume? iShared Brokerage adds immediate capacity to our Asset Fleet, saving you from going to the Spot Market for extra capacity, as needed.

Need more LTL Service Options? Our LTL Optimizer allows you to compare rates and transit times from dozens of carriers. Save money and improve transit times by leveraging the iShared LTL Portal.

Need a Final Mile delivery partner? iShared specializes in retail delivery windows as small as 30 minutes, taking product into store and removing pallets for that extra value your retailers need.

iShared’s Full Truckload Asset Fleet operates in the triangle between FL, CA and NJ, with service in Texas and Chicagoland, in-route along I-80 and I-10, I-20.

Warehouse Space in Florida, California and New Jersey is available for short-term and long-term product storage.

Is your Over-The-Road truckload service costing you too much for planned inventory that doesn’t need fast transit? iShared Intermodal saves you money with consistent service and low prices.

iShared operates dedicated fleets in our core markets. Let iShared hire drivers and provide equipment for your dedicated needs, allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies.

Expedited LTL, Shared Truckload and FTL services available every day in our system!

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