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Portal for Existing Customers

LTL/BUD-E Customer Portal [Opens in a new window]

iShared Carrier Onboarding

Register to become an iShared carrier partner TODAY… [Opens in a new window]
Review the application process and download form to fill out.
At the end of the application process you will be asked to upload the required documents before your application is submitted.

Blackjack Express for Carriers Onboarding

If you are interested in becoming an approved carrier for Blackjack Express please follow the link below for more details:
Blackjack Express Onboarding… [Opens in a new window]

Quick Pay for Carriers Onboarding

If you are interested in Quick Pay please get in touch and we’ll send you additional information.

Carrier Profile Contacts
iShared Full TruckLoad service details…

Shared TruckLoad Operations:
iShared Truckload service details…

iShared LTL Operations:
iShared LTL service details…

iShared Rail & IM Operations:
iShared Rail / Intermodel services…

iShared Brokerage Operations:

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