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If you ship both LTL and FTL, you also likely ship high pallet count shipments, in between those two modes. These are often referred to as Partials, Head Loads, Heavy LTL, Volume LTL, Half Truckload, and a variety of other terms. This is called The Freight Dead Zone, as most LTL providers do not want high pallet counts, and most shippers do not want to pay for a full truck when they only have half of a load. Welcome to iShared Transportation’s unique “Shared TruckLoad” (STL) service, which removes the barriers of shipping high pallet count orders via LTL providers, and saves time and money versus FTL providers.

What are the benefits of iShared Shared TruckLoad STL services versus traditional LTL?

  • Predictable shipment cost, as Shared Truckload STL uses Pallet Rates, not NMFC rates, which are often subject to rate changes due to dimensional rules, linear foot rules, and general mis-interpretation of freight class by shipper or LTL carrier
  • Virtually eliminates OS&D, as Shared TruckLoad (STL) is rarely cross-docked, it is a door-to-door service
  • Removal of OS&D means more intact deliveries, resulting in more In-Stock product, meaning more Sales Dollars for you and your customer. Resulting in more repeat orders for you as a shipper, and higher sales for your company
  • Removal of OS&D eliminates labor, fighting re-bills with LTL providers
  • Results in fewer damaged & returned orders, saving you re-processing costs
  • Ship 4×4 pallets up to 96″ high at no additional cost, getting more product on each pallet, lowering your cost per carton
  • No double stacking of freight. We deliver in-route, another value-add of reduced handling.

What are the Shared TruckLoad (STL) benefits versus FTL?

  • Ship large pallet orders today, without waiting for your inventory to build a full truckload
  • Never pay for a full truckload unless you can fill it up 100%, making your freight spend the most accurate rate, in relation to the space you take up on the truck. Save 50%? Where do I sign up?!
  • Allow technology to co-Load your large shipment with another one, greatly increasing your effectiveness while providing virtually no-touch service to your customer
  • Shared TruckLoad STL is the green option! Why have two trucks on the road taking up twice the needed fuel resources and emitting twice the carbon footprint, when iShared can co-Load, reduce truck traffic on highways, and be more environmentally responsible.


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By Bill Morrisroe, Chief Sales Officer, iShared Transportation, 25 March 2021

Try our Shared Truckload service and never receive LTL Dimensional Weight invoice re-bills!

Want to reduce damage, OS&D and Claims? Ship using our Shared Truckload service, to virtually eliminate in-transit handling!

Have seasonal fluctuations in volume? iShared Brokerage adds immediate capacity to our Asset Fleet, saving you from going to the Spot Market for extra capacity, as needed.

Need more LTL Service Options? Our LTL Optimizer allows you to compare rates and transit times from dozens of carriers. Save money and improve transit times by leveraging the iShared LTL Portal.

Need a Final Mile delivery partner? iShared specializes in retail delivery windows as small as 30 minutes, taking product into store and removing pallets for that extra value your retailers need.

iShared’s Full Truckload Asset Fleet operates in the triangle between FL, CA and NJ, with service in Texas and Chicagoland, in-route along I-80 and I-10, I-20.

Warehouse Space in Florida, California and New Jersey is available for short-term and long-term product storage.

Is your Over-The-Road truckload service costing you too much for planned inventory that doesn’t need fast transit? iShared Intermodal saves you money with consistent service and low prices.

iShared operates dedicated fleets in our core markets. Let iShared hire drivers and provide equipment for your dedicated needs, allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies.

Expedited LTL, Shared Truckload and FTL services available every day in our system!

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